Monday, October 8, 2012

Why it's better to have some crime in your country

Three innocent Korean tourists were conned today in Pattaya by a magician allegedly from Dubai.

He approached the three handsome, fashionably dressed, young gentlemen in the street and invited them to participate in one of his magic tricks.

The wily con artist asked them to hand over their Ipad, some cash and other stuff claiming he would make it disappear.

Hands up who knows what's coming?

He waved his hands a couple of times, made the cash and Ipad disappear and while the impressed young men were still clapping, legged it down the street and disappeared himself.

I can just imagine them standing there, looking confused, for several minutes waiting for him to reappear!

They were featured on the Thai news explaining this in the police station to three police officers who were chuckling and nudging each other like schoolboys.

"So tell us again what happened? And you just handed him all your stuff? How much cash? Oh yes! We'll catch him, don't you worry son. Now about that description. Are you sure he wasn't wearing a top hat and cape?"

I can't speak Thai and I'm sure neither can those unfortunate Korean lads but we all know that's what those cops were saying.

And that's why, if you live somewhere like Seoul or Tokyo, with almost no street crime at all, you should probably take some sort of awareness lessons before you attempt any adventure abroad.

In case anyone is interested the perpetrator got away with about £1000 worth of cash and expensive toys.

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